Just wrapped production on LOST IN THE SUN, starring Josh Duhamel, Josh Wiggins, and Lynn Collins. 


Just completed design work for two new Hoosier Lottery campaigns... Spread Cheer and Jack Pott. Check out the first spots of each here

WALTER wraps

Just wrapped WALTER, with locations in both Los Angeles and Indianapolis. Starring Andrew West, William H. Macy, Neve Campbell, Virginia Madsen, and Justin Kirk. More details here.

SXSW 2013

Both THE BOUNCEBACK and COMPUTER CHESS screened at SXSW 2013 this spring. New review of THE BOUNCEBACK here.


Andrew Bujalski's COMPUTER CHESS premieres at Sundance. WINNER of the Alfred P. Sloan Prize. Check out INDIEWIRE's review here.

Computer Chess at Sundance.jpg

Comments on the production design:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY "Shot mostly in the washed-out black-and-white of a thousand amateur olden-day videos and set in a perfectly, painfully ugly hotel that’s nowhere and everywhere in America, the movie “documents” an annual (fictional) tournament  based on the challenge of devising a computer program that can stand up against a human chess master."

MOVIE CITY NEWS  "Shot on vintage Portapak tape in 4:3 aspect ratio, the film excels at recreating the atmosphere and feel of the early 1980s, nailing everything from the clunky computer hardware to the stifling décor of the convention’s tacky venue (the time-capsule effect is enough to induce some serious nostalgia)."

SCREEN CRAVE "Shot using early PortoPak video techniques in [mostly] black and white and with an impeccably detail-oriented production, the work has a striking retro look that had me thinking it was found footage for the first five minutes. The combination of the aesthetic, the time period in which it is set, and the strangeness of the events manages a kind of equilibrium that wouldn’t have been possible had it been shot in high-def."

Presentation at IMA

I recently spoke about production design as part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Emerging Voices lecture series. Great summary of the talk presented by Centric here.

Blue Potato wraps.

Production has wrapped on Blue Potato. Follow the film's post-production process here.



Presented our work at People for Urban Progress at Parsons' DESIGN BOOST symposium.



Preproduction has started on Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly's (THE WAY WE GET BY) new film, BLUE POTATO. Shooting begins on location in Aroostook County in northern Maine.

Mention in LA Times

The production design and cinematography of NATURAL SELECTION mentioned in the LA Times. Link here.

The Bounceback begins production

Production begins in Bryan Poyser's THE BOUNCEBACK. This Austin-based romantic comedy features Ashley Bell, Sarah Paxton, Zach Cregger, and Michael Stahl-David. 

Computer Chess Wraps

Just completed principal photography on Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess. 

Natural Selection Sweeps SXSW 2011

NATURAL SELECTION wins the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at this year's SXSW. Additional Awards were given for best editing (Michelle Tesoro), music (iZLER & Curt Schneider), screenplay (Robbie Pickering), acting (Rachael Harris & Matt O'Leary), and Audience Favorite.