Michael is a production designer and filmmaker whose most recent design credits include RESULTS (Sundance 2015, starring Guy Pearce & Cobie Smulders), LOST IN THE SUN (starring Josh Duhamel), Andrew Bujalski’s Sundance-premiering COMPUTER CHESS, and Robbie Pickering’s NATURAL SELECTION, winner of the 2011 SXSW Grand Jury Prize. 

Additionally, Michael is the co-founder and chief innovator of PEOPLE FOR URBAN PROGRESS (peopleup.org), an Indianapolis-based non-profit and urban design do-tank. Through PUP, Michael served as the Steering Committee Co-Chair of Indy Rezone, the city's first zoning ordinance update since the 1970s. 

In addition to his film and non-profit work, Michael has worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Wabash College. Michael earned his Master in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught production design at the University of Texas Film Institute. He splits his time between Indianapolis, Austin, and Los Angeles.

Abbreviated Production Design Resume

OVERANALYZERS (2015),  pilot, Bryan Poyser, dir. (COMEDY CENTRAL)

- GATORADE (2015), national commercial (as Art Director), HUNGRYMAN.

THE LONER (2015),  feature, Daniel Grove, dir.

- AT&T "Stronger" (2015),  national commercial, CAVIAR.

LORDS OF MAGIC (2015),  pilot proof-of-concept, Michael Morrissey, dir.

- RESULTS (2015), feature, Andrew Bujalski, dir. (SUNDANCE)

- LOST IN THE SUN (2015), feature, Trey Nelson, dir.

- WALTER (2014), feature, Anna Mastro, dir. (PALM SPRINGS)

- BENEATH THE HARVEST SKY (2014), feature, Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly, dirs. (TORONTO)

- COMPUTER CHESS (2013), feature, Andrew Bujalski, dir. (SUNDANCE)

- LOVE AND AIR SEX (2013), feature, Bryan Poyser, dir. (SXSW)

- NATURAL SELECTION (2011), feature, Robbie Pickering, dir. (SXSW)

- MY NAME IS JERRY (2009), feature, Morgan Mead, dir.

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